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Success Stories

2018 mission to Ica, Peru

The 2018 Mission to Ica, Peru was a huge success. A team of 38 volunteers, including doctors, nurses, technicians, speech therapists, and administrators traveled to Ica this year. We worked with about 125 patients and performed 78 surgeries. We are already looking forward to next year and plan to return in April 2019.

2017 mission to Ica, Peru

The 2017 Healing the Children mission to Ica, Peru is complete! We had a tremendous group of volunteers and we're able to help many babies and children during the week. Overall, 128 patients were screened and 68 surgeries were performed. This includes 25 cleft lips repairs, 30 cleft palate and pharyngeal surgeries, 2 microtia surgeries, and one cleft rhinoplasty. In addition, our speech therapy team worked with 85 children to improve their phonation and pronunciation.

We are extremely grateful to the people and government of Ica and to our local coordinators. In addition, the staff and administration of the Hospital Regional de Ica played an essential role in creating a space for this mission to succeed. Plans are already underway for 2018, and we look forward to returning next April.

May 2016 mission to Ica, Peru

San Francisco

Alma was born with a cleft lip and palate. Her eating and drinking were greatly affected by the deformity, and medical care was limited in her town. Alma’s mother heard through an outreach program about our mission in Ica. She traveled to the city of Ica, looking for hope. She found it with Healing The Children. At just 4 months old, Alma went in for surgery to repair her cleft lip with Dr. Evan Ransom. With the help of his team of medical volunteers, Dr. Ransom completed the two hour surgery to close her cleft lip. In just a short time, Alma’s life would be forever changed. The hope is that next year, with both new and old medical volunteers, Alma will return to have her cleft palate repaired.

Alma’s gentle, happy spirit was infectious to the entire staff, and the moment that Alma’s mother was able to see her daughter for the first time post-repair, is a moment that the entire staff will never forget. Alma’s story is just a small glimpse of how Healing the Children has changed the lives of all involved; patients, families and volunteers.